About Jill

Jill is a highly sensitive intuitive who channels information from the Divine Feminine.  Being consumed in many soul challenges from the time she was a child has led Jill to immerse herself in many modalities of the healing arts as a way to discern how to truly love. After many years of coaching others, she began to realise her power as a channel. This gift has enabled her to support many people on their journey to ascend, giving them clear strong messages and providing excellent clarity.


A word from Jill

                     Anything is possible…everything can be possible.

No is never a road block, it only creates more determination in me to prove what is possible. Authenticity and being real is so important to me. I have devoured books and courses, I have invested many thousands of dollars in the pursuit of being the best version of myself. Except this was the exact thing that kept me stuck, because I would put all of these people on a pedestal, instead of valuing my own knowledge. I have always believed in MAGIC, and creating magic in other peoples lives is something I naturally do.
My favourite movie is Maleficent – I too felt like I had my wings taken away from an early age. But somehow I always managed to take flight, only to give my power away and to have my wings clipped again.
What I endured, nearly broke me.
As a result of working with Divine Feminine and experiencing profound transformations I now feel grounded, connected and centred to my truth.
I now offer channeling sessions for others to experience the Divine Feminine.