Activating the Divine Feminine

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Let yourself  connect with your body and  feel your emotions.

As children we are often told, don’t cry and as a culture we are taught to avoid all unpleasant emotions at all costs. Patriarchy does not do emotions well…instead it encourages us to escape these with alcohol; drugs and busyness.  The Divine Feminine does emotions well …we as women are happy to expres, cry and take down time…we have definitely come along way as a society however being too emotional  is still stigmatised.

So lets reset and rebalance ….

The first place to start is to take a very good look at how your life looks and feels in a DAY and also over a WEEK.  SEE WHERE YOU FIT… IN YOUR LIFE?
Is there a balance of BEING and DOING? Patriarchial paradigms love you to be very busy DOING and where there is lots of action. So if you work full time, go without breakfast, exercise after work, do the mum taxi for kids sport, then make dinner every night you are definitely DOING. People wear stress like a badge of honour but in the long term you burn out or get adrenal exhaustion.

We as women are very good at fitting in and giving and giving and not asking for OUR needs to be met. 
I didnt even know I had needs… I was that focussed on giving to others?…..
So what is BEING and where does it fit in?

BEING is seen as FLUFF in a patriarchial paradigm that is not productive. Being is where you take the time to connect with your breathe, your body and get out of your head at regular intervals throughout the day. To enhance this process even more, connect barefoot to the earth (feminine energy) to realign your energy systems. Get out in the sunshine (male energy) at morning tea and lunch  breaks, technology free. Yoga and stretching classes are also useful to connect with your breathe and breathe through tension and feel your feelings. Breathing is also important to bring you back into the present moment. Swimming is extremely useful as a place to meditate and to have strong releases on the out breathe.

Our bodies, our minds and our lives thrive on balance, so a lifestyle that only values action is not sustainable long term…like a tall building with ‘dodgy’ foundations, we too are prone to collapse if the basics of  balancing the divine feminine and the divine masculine are not seen as important.

Take the time to daydream, journal and feel your feelings on a regular basis. Your mind and body will LOVE you for it and so will those close to you.

I would love to hear your thoughts, drop them in the comments below.

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