Activating your Divine Feminine magic with Gratitude


Did you know that feeling gratitude is the very first step to receiving and experiencing what you desire in life? By raising your vibration you are now more energetically attuned to attracting more of what you have ‘put out’ to receive. Because many of us have experienced trauma in this life and past lives, we then tend to project this into the future and  before we know it, negative thinking has become our unconcious default. When we are in this loop we forget about  the PRESENT moment. Its called the PRESENT moment for a reason… because it is literally a gift where the gold is…if we  can consistently spend time in this state we will see the results we desire in our life….this is where mindfulness,  meditation and beach walks come in.

Gratitude is honouring YOU and your life…its very easy when you are being challenged to think that the grass is greener on the other side of the fence and start comparing yourself to others and wishing your life was better. No judgement as we have all been there. By validating whats working…while it might be puts us back in perspective to have and keep the faith in our goal…thereby raising our vibration and keeping the ‘stinky thinking’ at bay. The present moment is all that you have.

The key is to set a side time each day  to be appreciative of all that you do have in your life that is working…and for those things that are’nt working… ask yourself what’s good about this that I am not getting? Or how does it get better than this… what else is possible? This will put you in a state of calm and feel good and it is in these states that we  are able to see, hear and experience the A HA moments and receive more of the ”good stuff”. You cannot buy yourself some gratitude…it’s not for sale!…but the good news is it is already inside of you… you just need to practise being grateful consistently and watch this ‘magic muscle’ grow.

Where the attention goes the energy flows.

Living in a state of gratitude will activate your Divine Feminine magic. When you are in this state you begin to create clarity in your life and you can now be the observer, rather than the reactive victim…that takes everything personally and wants to blame others. The world needs more magic…be it.

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