Archetypes of the Divine Feminine

Learn about the Divine Feminine Archetypes

So what are archetypes?….archetypes are patterns, motivations or impulses that work through us…so whether you are a mother in 2019 or a mother in the neolithic era…the word MOTHER transcends time. These two time frames are inextricably linked…always connecting the word mother to mean a nurturer or a care giver.

We all have archetypes within us…we usually have two very strong ones and the rest can be weak or non existent. The great thing about archetypes is that they are sign posts to turn inward and strengthen the traits we are afraid to express. There are up to 13 archetypes…I will explain the energy traits of  7, plus their shadow….link them to the 7 chakras and  their sacred gift that they offer you. 

The MOTHER archetype is present at the BASE chakra and her goddess gift is NURTURANCE. She has a natural ability to care for, tend to and protect life … this energy is often expressed through child rearing, supporting growth in the community or creative projects. Her shadow aspect is the VICTIM…often lacking  life force energy through being disempowered…can be the result of trauma leaving her in fight or flight mode.. Goddesses that represent the mother are HATHOR, YEMANYA and LAKSHMI.

The MAIDEN or EMPRESS archetype is present in the the SACRAL chakra…she embodies innocence, and creates pleasure, abundance and joy in her life. Her goddess gift is VULNERABILITY…you probably have maiden style if you value transparency and honesty and can bring playfulness and radiance to any environment you visit. The shadow arcehtype is the MARTYR who is often critical, sour and condemning. Goddesses who represent this archtype are ARTEMIS and PERSEPHINE.

WARRIOR/ WILD WOMAN/HUNTRESS- SOLAR PLEXUS  The archetype of the WARRIOR is located at the SOLAR PLEXUS chakra. She gives the gift of COURAGE to women so that they may be both persistent and tenacious when there is a temptation to give up too early. She is bold and confident and knows her boundaries. Women with this archetype feel strong, free and uninhibited. Warrior style would often be described as a trail blazer, working on large scale projects and big stages and being outspoken if the need arises. The shadow  aspect of the warrior is the SERVANT who through being disempowered will often appear needy, and seeking approval. Goddesses that represent the warrior are FREYA, PELE and SEKHMET.


The LOVER/HEALER archetypes are present in the Heart chakra. The goddess gift from the heart is COMPASSION along with the qualities of empathy, forgiveness, generosity openess and the ability to love unconditionally. You are blessed with the lover healer style if you have a passion for life, exude joy and love to help others to have what you have. You know the benefit of a nourishing home life and love looking after your body and energy…you always bring out the best in others. The shadow aspect of this archetype is the ACTOR who is playing at life and not being authentic at doing the deep inner work….they love with conditions, are untrusting and are bound by convention. Goddesses who represent the lover are APHRODITE and VENUS…goddesses who represent the healer are IXCHEL and QUAN YIN.

The CREATRIX/MYSTIC archetypes are present at the THROAT chakra…and she is credited with giving voice to our ideas. The gift of the creatix is MANIFESTATION. The creatix style is the innovator, who is receptive and flowing and can concepualize as well as actualize. The shadow aspect is the SILENT CHILD whose communication has been suppressed, possibly due to trauma and unexpressed emotions which are are held in the throat. Goddesses that represents the creatrix are ISHTAR and RHIANNON.

Modern society recognises beauty and youthfulness and sees the older women or so called crone of little value…this oversight means that many women fail to embrace their inner knowing… THE WISE WOMEN resides at the THIRD EYE chakra and her goddess gifts are WISDOM and VISION. These qualities enable her to be able to see the big picture as well as plan long term goals…she also tends to be level headed and logical. The shadow aspect for the wise women is the INTELLECTUAL who tends to be rigid and prefers to avoid working with their intuition… they lack trust and  are more comfortable working with facts and rationality. Goddesses that represent the wse women are ATHENA and CARRIDWYN.

The QUEEN or PRIESTESS  archetypes reside at the CROWN chakra… they are the multi faceted role models for women to aspire to… for they embody a dynamic combination of empowered femininty…the gift of these goddesses is TRANSFORMATION. To create  magic like a queen  requires the fusion of combining universal law with a deep connection to the divine.. You have priestess style if you are able to commune in both the spirit and material worlds and are adept at holding space for others and creating  fascinating outcomes. The shadow aspect of this archtype is the EGOIST who tend to fearful, arrogant and overwhelmed by the past….their rigid mindset means they are blind to source energy, intuition and a power greater than themselves.. Godesses that represent the queen and priestess are ISIS and DANA.

So….what Archetype are you??!…under previous oppressive paradigms of power the only  archetypes available to women were the MOTHER, MAIDEN, WIFE or SERVANT. To be able to reclaim  and embody all 7 achetypes or maybe all 13 would be truly liberating and empowering and would allow us to expand into the truth of who we are as women in a deeper way… creating more possiblities and greater wholeness.

I am a DIVINE FEMININE ORACLE and EDUCATOR…share with others who may benefit and PM me if you would like more information or share your thoughts below.

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