Chakra’s Radiating Your Light

Divine Feminine Healing with Chakras

Your energy field or aura is an amazing field of pure energy, that exists all around you,  vibrating and radiating out in all directions. Within your body are seven levels of vibration called chakra’s…the chakra’s receive energy to energize you from  universal/source energy. These organisational centres receive, assemble, store and transmit life force energy at each of their respective levels…connecting your mind to your physical body. (As diagram below shows.)

The state of your energy field determines your life..whatever frequency you are vibrating on…you are creating and drawing into your life. This is THE LAW OF ATTRACTION AT WORK…and this is why we are constantly told to go within and get our internal ‘stuff’ sorted why is it so hard to get this shiz sorted..because most therapies are mind based and do not directly work with your chakra’s or energy field.

Every aspect of your life works if all your chakras are doing their job…think of your chakras as happy diligent workers managing and organising every aspect of your life. However if your chakras are blocked, stagnant or weak our life is a struggle and we feel very stuck and unwell.  

It has accumulated from years and years and many more years of negative conditioning and programming, most of us have inherited or absorbed this from parents, school, past lives, and ancestral trauma.
The chakras are like a road map that allows us to access our unconcious programming and make deeper contact with our core self…following this liberating current that runs from the base to crown or crown to base depending on whether you are connecting with source energy or earth energy. You are now able to unravel and liberate yourself from these fixed patterns, stuck emotions and hard wired body armour though yoga, kinesiology, swimming in the ocean, grounding, meditation/breathing, art therapy and music therapy (singing and toning). Each of these methods provides its own doorway into the inner world…if you delve deeply into each of your chakra’s you have the ability to transform your life.

From my journey it is imperative to work on the base, sacral and solar plexus first…’don’t go upstairs until you have cleaned out the basement’.

Love to hear your experiences.

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