Claiming your Divine Feminine Power & Potency

From a very young age we have been conditioned to be in the mind… to be rational, logical and clever. Our education system and employment have a strong reliance on computers and mobile devices and require us to function at a high level intellectually….compounding the imbalance of being in the HEAD v’s being in the HEART and BODY.

While we are brain focused and linear (male power) our attention and vital force is drawn away from our heart and womb centre (female power) Don’t under estimate the power of your heart. Everyone thinks that the HEAD calls the shots.. but the HEART sends more signals to the brain than the brain sends to the heart and get this….the electromagnetic charge coming from the HEART is 5000x’s stronger than what the brain emits. The heart has its own nervous system….just like the gut has its own brain…there is also a heart brain…who knew… right. THE HEART IS OUR TRUE POWER CENTRE but also just as powerful is our womb centre. Womb knowledge is even deeper than our gut feelings and even more accurate…the NEW intuition is follow your womb. WOW… so much power, so much potency that we are just beginning to tap into….but there is work to be done and that involves getting out of our head and into our feelings, our hearts, our wombs and our bodies and giving our thinking brain  a REST.

First we have to begin loving our body, our sensuality and our sexuality…what? We need to reclaim our body as sacred…what will it take to love your body as the sacred temple that is? We have been born into a world that does not teach us to honour our bodies or our sacred womb energy. This is what ignites your passion, your joy, your vitality and  your creativity….if you have cut your self off from your life force energy…. chances are that you don’t have access to this precious abundant FREE RESOURCE and  you are dependent on stimulants or have become dependent on other people to get you through life. (Possibly men.)

Unfortunately as women, the messages and wounds we have received about our body and our sexuality in this life and past lives can’t go any where and remain stuck in our body…they impact every aspect of our lives…they run our relationships and they keep us playing small, contracted and invisible. 
Now is the time to empower yourself by loving your body…cultivating a heart relationship with your body instead of a head relationship with your body…that is how you will learn to love your body. Loving your body is a revolutionary and evolutionary act that will have far reaching effects.

Outer beauty has a short shelf life…lead from your powerful femme heart and develop your inner beauty…it shines eternally. Being, having, receiving and allowing more love into your body allows you to experience more pleasure.   Empower and equip yourself to be the Divine Femme leader of LOVE you were designed to be.

I am  a Divine Feminine Channel and Educator….guiding you to awaken and claim your divine feminine power…; but you ask, where do I start?’….’ I am really struggling, how do I get unstuck?’

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