Connecting with your Body Wisdom

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No matter what size or shape we come in  we must learn to deeply honour and appreciate our sacred bodies…the body is  a chance for the soul to be here.
When we speak to our bodies unlovingly, they respond by shutting down and when we speak to them with love and honour, they blossom and open into their radiance.

To many people, there is no relationship to different aspects of their life… is work….your mind is your mind and your body is your body….all separate right? Except over time the body no longer copes with separation and being ignored and starts to break down. While our achievements and successes (Masculine) make us appealing to the outside world….on the way to getting there we often exhaust the resources within (Feminine). When feminine energy is blocked or controlled it leaves us feeling disconnected and empty on the inside. Our society places a huge emphasis on IQ,  but our body intelligence is just as important. We are constantly under pressure to achieve more, yet we become so good at ignoring the messages the body is giving to us…as if the body is a separate  entity to us. To raise our feminine energy we must become body wise…we cannot disregard our body if we are to connect with our body wisdom and intuition. 

Do you trust your body wisdom, your gut feelings, your hearts calling or do you brush away your aches and pains? To come into our body requires openness and vulnerability which ask us to become aware of our emotions. How can we honour our emotions in a patriarchial world, I used to think being available to my emotions made me less valuable or useful and uncool. So my solution was to ignore them….any sensation that was uncomfortable or foreign, brush it away immediately and do something to busy or distract myself till it went away! Years of programming of being strong, being tough, being in control meant I was numb on the inside but always positive on the outside….this was painful and I was living a lie…not being true to myself.


 Emotions are our friends & guides not enemies…we must accept our anger, frustration rage, hurt, pain and sadness so it does not accumulate, stagnate or boil.
 By reclaiming the body we live in…. and awakening to the  forgotten  and neglected parts we can begin to have a relationship with our shadow.  To reinforce and strengthen our body wisdom, energetic therapies such as Kinesiology, Rahanni, Reiki, Acupuncture and Yoga are  modalities that can tap into and release deep held emotions and trauma, so that the rigidity and darkness can be replaced by lightness, joy and the flexibility of the  Devine Feminine.

What practices do you use to connect with your body awareness? Please share!

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