Cultivating the Divine Feminine with Ritual & Sacred Space

Cultivating the Divine Feminine with Rituals and Sacred Space

The intuitive voice that speaks in the dark…..the voice of your higher self….your soul voice.

You will only hear these voices when you get QUIET and STILL.

Quietness and stillness were not part of my world…when you’ve got a mountain of shadows to manage the last thing you need… is to be still! I remember visiting a Shamanic Healer, because I always thought these people were going to miraculously fix me and I wouldnt have to do any work….WRONG! Any way she said “that there is so much information coming through for you, but you move too fast and are never still for it to connect with you and download”…its not until now that I really understand what that meant!

To honour our feminine qualities and cycles, our intuition, our emotions, our body and feel pleasure, we must make space and slow down, so we can resonate with these states of being. By breathing and being in the present moment, by connecting up and grounding down we come back into balance with ourselves and the earth. Creating a sacred space where you can begin and end your day is an important step in creating this emotional balance in your life…a place where you can be reborn and renewed everyday and release that which no longer serves you.

So when you put aside an hour in your day for YOU, to slow down, place your hands on your heart and BREATHE, you have become PRESENT and have begun the journey of going within…
“the answers are not out there…you need to cultivate the feminine to get the answers from within”

What defines sacred, is as individual as your fingerprint…finding what works for you may take time. My sacred space is the beach…I love this space and it works for me… I consistently show up for this ritual and I come home filled with joy and pleasure ready to take on the day…and  when I work  I do it in the evening and I release any negativity from the day. The Patriarchial system does not work for women or men but especially women. It is not sustainable to work at a frenetic pace with no down time…it can only lead to burnout and dysfunction in the long term.

So how is your day looking…. can you reassign some time for YOU?

Love to hear where your at…

Next week: I talk about ways to enhance this experience

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