Enhancing your Sacred Ritual

5 Ways to make your daily ritual truly powerful.

Rituals can help you enjoy the ordinary elements of life and sprinkle them with magic, transforming the mundane into sacred.

A simple meditation becomes a powerful event to transform you from EXHAUSTED to ENERGISED just by adding 1 or more of these amazing enhancers.

SAGE: burning sage helps to release, clear and remove limiting beliefs and negativity.
POMMANDERS by aura soma.: Work within the electro magnetic field surrounding the physical body to help protect, refresh and strengthen the energetic field around you. Smells and colours are divine and they are very powerful.
CRYSTAL QUARTZ: known as a master healer, resonates with all chakras, enhances clarity. Clears mind of negativity and enhance spiritual receptiveness. I use this when I channel, it definitely enhances the clarity of the messages.
JOURNALLING: write down your feelings or information/downloads that are coming up for you during meditations.A good way to start to have a closer, intimate relationship with self.
SELENITE: A powerful cleanser…it is also self cleansing.  It can cleanse the room you are in or other crystals. Polished palm stones can be rubbed over tense areas of the body or  larger pieces can be brushed around the body in sweeping strokes releasing negative energy or thought forms that no longer serve you.

The stable platforms that these rituals create can help us manage and enjoy the manic and unpredictable aspects of life…IT IS THE DISCIPLINE IN  RITUAL THAT LEADS TO FREEDOM. Enjoy…. in the comments below, please share your rituals and what makes them special to you.

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