Irritating others even though our light is dim

I grew up in an era where choosing self love and being a tall poppy were definitely not options – punishable by total rejection, isolation and being called names. I learnt quickly to dim my light to avoid being shut out, and gave myself to people pleasing, fitting in, not speaking up for myself or my truth. I attempted to accept a life of mediocrity.
However under this  invisibility cloak  was an angry female warrior. Sport became my platform to burn off this internal rage… a place I could be strong, powerful and shiny… As Prince Harry said  ‘never underestimate the power of sport’…..I don’t and yes it has been my saviour …always stopping short  however of being too successful…I remember my son saying to me, Mum if I win kids wont like me,… something I too was challenged by… ‘success’ was something  I allowed others to experience,  but not myself.
This year I turned 54, and this year I was to be bullied in the workplace by someone, who was uncomfortable with my light…. I will call it professional jealousy. If you know my personality, you will know I am not the type who gets bullied…this was different, this was the type you are powerless to fight…because it was covert. Turns out I was too forward… or was that ‘TOO EFFECTIVE’… anyway I wasn’t legitimate in my role according to their view, even after 15 years in the same job…. Oh yes…and I should also know my place.
The traits I was being criticised for, were my LIGHT – I was too SHINY and too BRIGHT and was causing people around me to feel uncomfortable…even though I was busily dimming my light to fit in and be liked?
WOW… What an aha moment!
I was being given a SACRED MESSAGE:
Does this sacred message call to you?
Today I take back my power. I own my voice and can finally own my gifts. Now I can shine bright, speak my truth, be myself and be the real teacher I am, by teaching divine wisdom from channeling the Divine Feminine.
Are you ready to receive your power and potency?
I want to encourage you to remember that we can trigger people even by dimming our lights, but that is harmful for us too. I am taking a stand for myself and being willing to stand alone, if it means being able to stand in my truth. I want to share my heart with you in the hope that this message that is being given to me can benefit anyone else that needs to hear this right now.

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