Intuitive Intelligence and the rise of the Divine Feminine


This quote from Albert Einstein, … YES of all people… Albert Einstein will amaze you:


The forgotten gift is the Divine Feminine Gift of Intuition. Like many other aspects of the Divine Feminine this Gift was to fall foul of the patriarchial system. Your intuition is not some WOO WOO concept that psychics and hippies have. Its your innate ability to instinctively know something through your sense of feeling/hearing or inner seeing rather than conscious reasoning. It is your connection to your body and to the gift that are your emotions.

Over the centuries, we have been conditioned to ignore our intuition and been told that only ‘crazy people’ get messages. We as women have been taught to fear our bodies and our emotions and mistrust any intuitive impulses. Men  have also been conditioned to suppress and disassociate from their feelings and to acknowledge them, is seen as a weakness. As a result we have not developed the tools that we need to understand the intuitive power that resides within us and how to access it.

We can develop our intuitive power by beginning to enhance the BEING part of ourselves by:

1. quite time and being on our own doing things that light us up or that make our heart sing

2. practicing mindfulness (breathing and being aware of our body and how it feels and acknowledging  it)

3. practicing meditations, mantras or affirmations

4. being barefoot and grounded/connected to the earth

5. being in and with nature on a daily basis….our bodies naturally rebalance and realign.

When your intellect (male) understands and honours the wisdom of your intuition (female) and operates in service to your intuition then your life can flourish, bloom and blossom.

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 Its also worth noting that Einstein recognized that much of his success could be attributed to his strong connection with his intuition…..
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