Living Your Feminine Truth


We don’t just stumble accidently into an amazing life…it takes  committment to ourselves  to show up every day…to have our own back and to create our best vibrant life.

To identify understand and define your personal truth, is one of the most important things, you will ever do in this life…what do you stand for?…What makes your heart sing?… How are you living your truth?

Open yourself to expand, take up space…be honest.. be unapolegetic about who you are…the wall you have built doesn’t keep people from hurting you, it keeps you from living. Doing what you love is ultimately about sharing a part of you with the world….the world needs your gifts.

Living your truth is not about fixing or changing you. It’s about freeing you to be the confident, powerful person you were meant to be and honouring your truth by taking action to create that new pathway. We care way too much about being liked, and what others think of us…its suffocating…break free….its your  life. By disregarding your truth…you disregard your soul, your very essence.

Life is going to throw lemons your way…there will be disappointments, pain, death and broken hearts. You are always whole and complete…you are not looking for someone to do this for you, embrace your imperfections and focus on your strengths.

There will be negative people and haters on your journey and it can be easy to take what others say and do personally, and want to give up…what others say and do, has to do with them… not you. Remember you are not your weight, your job or your financial status…your VALUE is innately in you.
Make a vow to yourself to RISE…honour your gifts and talents. Being authentic in our society is not easy, be willing to do the work…be the trailblazer you came here to be… transforming your life, your work and your relationships. We are the role models for the next generation of women and men….be brave….our feminine ancestors would be so proud of our courage to liberate change…and in so doing liberate their souls.
Are you the passenger, or the driver on your life journey

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