Our Sovereignty: Becoming the leader in your life

self empowerment using the Divine Feminine

Sovereignty is owning who we are…not just superficially… but deeply connecting with our courageous heart and wild soul. 

For many years she was hidden away…showing up in her truth only when she felt safe enough to be vulnerable. The  Sovereign women emerges when we attune to our centre…she knows she cannot find what shes looking for outside of herself. She has let go of seeking and instead she has come home to herself and source energy. She knows the most important relationship she will ever have is with herself. She has given up being a victim, blaming others and feeling sorry for herself, but instead takes responsibility,  and sees every experience as a lesson. She lives from the heart and through words, stories and feelings rather than from the mind. Her money story has been upgraded and she now uses money as  a joyful tool to serve the greater good…she asks unapologetically for her wisdom and gifts to be paid for. She has relinquished self judgement to instead embody self acceptance and her body’s wisdom is in tune with the cycles of the moon.

Our alignment with our centre is where our true power, pleasure and  and purpose reside. She is the women that is waiting within  you wishing to emerge. Will you forge the courage and strength to liberate her?

Be the Queen in your life!

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