Consecrating stillness & connecting with your soul voice

Finding your soul voice to honour your Divine Feminine

There will never be a voice outside of you that is wiser than your soul voice….it is crucial to be able to connect to the still, calm voice that has a tight grasp on our greatest potential.(Meggan Watterson)

Your ego is your social mask or shop front that you hide behind. Discovering your soul voice is discovering who you truly are…your soul is endless and timeless and full of your own wisdom…it is waiting for you to awaken. When you can align with your soul voice everyday…you will feel  a sense of liberation and life seems to flow more naturally. Take out your journal, start asking questions…while the answers may not be forthcoming immediately…they will arrive, often when you least expect them…write them down.

We have not been taught to align with our souls or how to connect with our hearts. Fear and ego have been the major players in our lives as they align us with patriarchy and keep us very stuck and controlled. The ego is fed by the mind, while the soul is fed by the heart. If you can allow your soul to awaken, your entire life will transform. When your soul voice speaks to you…your intuition… your Divine Feminine with in, has been awakened. Your intuition as a women is written into your soul and gifted to you at birth. 

I will not sugar coat the discipline and consistency that is required to connect with the soul voice, for it is very human to want a quick result. For me to be able to connect to stillness and clarity for an hour a day gave me repreive from the ego and its relentless fear narrative. It would be some 4 years before I was able to regularly connect with the soul voice and own the information…..while I had the faith  and tenacity that I was on the right track, there were many times when it would  have been easier to listen to the ego and the critical external voices.

Love to hear your experiences,

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