The Divine Feminine & Abundance

Divine Femine and Abundance

Why is it that some people are naturally comfortable with money, while for others it’s a constant struggle…and then there are those that have it come in fast, but it leaves just as quick?

Everyone’s money story will be unique to them…but it appears that there is one commonality and that is, that our mother is our primary money coach. The mother archetype embodies nurture, nourishment, protection, support and safety… money also exhibits these qualities. If you have a mother wound around money that prevented you from receiving, chances are that the blueprint you received as a child via your mother is now your unconscious driver of your current patterns and actions around money. Money is pure energy…what you project onto it…informs how it flows or doesn’t in the case of scarcity and fear…the connection between money and love is the key to creating wealth the DIVINE FEMININE way.

FEAR is at the heart of the patriarchy and scarcity comes from fear…the fear that women have of not being enough, loveable enough or fear of not having enough is seriously keeping women stuck…stuck in their shame. Within patriarchy, hierarchies and separation dominate and the only way to get ahead is to compete… vulnerability is seen as a weakness and scarity is a ‘normal’ way of life for many in this system. As women, we have lived by the mantra.. ‘I give…therefore I am ‘… but when we give in order to feed a wound of not enoughness inside of us…we give from a place of fear…maybe you are familiar with this feeling? As we usher in the era of the DIVINE  FEMININE and MASCULINE we are learning a radically new way of being…BEING LOVE…abundance simply means love.

The first thing we need to do if we want to attract money into our lives is to ask yourself, to what extent do I truly believe I am abundant…just as I am right now. What stories am I telling myself about my worthiness and loveability and am I still living by stories of scarcity and lack that have been passed down from one generation to the next and now they are my blueprint of how I live my financial life. These stories are not in service to us and leave us joyless, broke, broken and anxious. They leave us leading our lives from a lower vibration. Although these stories seem real they are an illusion. When we acknowledge the DIVINE within us we cannot be anything else but abundant…once we get clear on this illusion we begin to create new stories, we start our healing journey from fear and scarcity home to LOVE.

When I was growing up I learnt from those around me, mainly family, that being financially wealthy meant that you must somehow be unethical and that money is bad, it was given names like ‘the root of all evil’. I didnt know what I know now…that money is a neutral energy and is a tool that can be used for love or fear just like everything else. When we pursue money from a place of fear and scarcity we can become greedy…fearing there is never enough, no matter how much we earn…because our original scarcity money blueprint has been triggered. Money on it’s own will never make us happy and peaceful in our hearts…however if we show up from a place of service,  we are supported by money and are then able to expand into a vibration of joy and surrender into the Divine Feminine who  owns her ability to RECEIVE. Patriarchy taught us that we as women had to give, give, give in order to be enough and belong. Now it’s time to receive too.

What does your current relationship with money look like?

The third aspect is what is your money WHY…if your list only includes you…chances are you are still coming from scarcity…as we take this collective shift towards a new paradigm anchored in the Divine Feminine and Masculine we are shifting from ME to WE. When we use money as a tool from a place of love and joy, we make sure that WE are properly supported and we include other people, animals and the planet in our wish list also.   Are you ready to start a new conversation around your money story? As tough as it may seem it is our duty to heal our money story/ wounds…to raise our vibration and then we are able to  receive the abundance that is available to us.

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I am a Divine Feminine Oracle/Channel supporting women to live with purpose through the power of the Divine Feminine.

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