The Divine Feminine Is Rising

The Divine Feminine is RISING…… but what does that really mean and why should I care?

Over the past few thousand years the world has been led from a masculine thought form … that is logical thinking, action, conquering, competition, survival, rationality and strength … and there have been many postives with this. However we as humans carry both aspects of the Divine Masculine and Feminine energies. The patriarchal system that has developed has repressed, devalued, demeaned and looked down upon its opposite the Divine Feminine and her qualities of nurturing, wisdom, intuition, healing, expression, emotion and receiving.

You may have noticed that the world, its occupants and the earth are a little out of balance at present.!! We have learned to lead with the masculine while suppressing the feminine aspects we inherently pocess. This has created a major imbalance in our collective health not to mention the health of the planet. As we awaken from our deep sleep, we begin to see that the Divine Feminine is RISING so as to reset the imbalance, and this is where we as humans… male and female play our part by creating more balance in our lives.

So are you out of balance?

I was….being a chronic over giver with no off button … and being totally will power driven. After the second bout of burn out I got it. If this resonates or you would like to share where you over lead from the masculine please feel free to share. Next week I will discuss how we can activate and rebalance the Divine Feminine.

Jill x

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