The Divine Feminine & the Essential Art of Self Love

The art of self love

This statement really resonated, Melissa also states that it is her belief… ‘that the root of all suffering stems from a lack of self love and a connection with self.’ We are reconditioning centuries of old programming to uplevel this forgotten art…it seems we have much work to do if thesaurus and are anything to go by.

Self love…self respect…self worth…there is a reason why they all start with SELF…you can not find them in anyone else. So why is it so damn hard to LOVE ourselves…the short answer is…as children the majority of us were rarely taught the value of self love and instead were taught to respect self denial and self sacrifice…the martyr mindset of neglecting and ignoring our needs was seen as noble. It is neither dignified or heroic, but dysfunctional and toxic and creates behaviour that makes us and the people in our lives miserable. The absence of self love lives at the core of every form of anxiety, depression, lonliness and emptiness that we as a collective deem normal…it is far from normal! The not enoughness that many of us feel…that is keeping us small…this belief sees us over giving and over consuming as we buy all these products so we will be enough…the sad fact is that these products will never ‘fix’ the problem because there was not a problem in the first place…we bought into a lie. We are all DIVINE FEMININE GODDESSES…. it is time to embrace your inner fire…step out of  your fear and step into your power…knowing and feeling your value and worth. You will be told that self love is selfish…just to add some more guilt to your life…call it out for the BS that it is. Self love is essential and is allowing you to be SELF FULL. Self love is not just taking time out for your self…it is learning to be discerning and saying NO…being discerning means questioning everything…so YOU can tell truth from lies…this can be so tiring but it is worth every bit of effort…the truth is always grounded in love…the more clarity you have the more you are able to support YOU.

Be your own BESTIE, stand up for yourself…what are the non negotiables or deal breakers in your life…what are your boundaries? Advocate self respect and say to yourself ‘ I calmly and firmly honour my needs’. It is time to change the way you perceive your flaws…instead of seeing guilt, jealousy, anger, fear and sadness as a curse…see them as opportunities to grow, and give yourself permission to be perfectly imperfect…or practice loving all that arises..its known as RADICAL SELF ACCEPTANCE…give it a try. And lastly there is a difference between self love and self care…society has become obsessed with the massages, facials and green juices etc… While these are beautiful practices…. having your self care on point is no guarantee that the inner demons have miraciously vanished…far from it…for many it is still only skin deep and that is as far as many are willing to go. Self love has nothing to do with these things…self care needs to be an extension of self love…not a band aid to keep you from doing the work. Self love is giving yourself permission and having compassion for everthing that you are…even our shadow side that reminds us of  feelings of guilt and shame. SO…What is your experience with Self Love? What has been the hardest part of learning to love yourself?

I would love if you would share your thoughts on self love!

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