The Divine Feminine & the necessity of rebirth

Divine Feminine Healing

The universe is always asking us to grow and become our future…this can mean a time of letting go or a death of old patterns that know longer serve us…thereby preparing us for a rebirth of new ideas, people, jobs etc. For any women who has given birth, this process can be painful but it is more painful to resist and attempt to control it as opposed to going with the flow and breathing through it. Rebirth is like the overgrown garden….by pruning it back hard and creating a ritualistic death….the regrowth, beauty and joy that result from this simple act are insurmountable…but to continue to create this result there must be a constant shedding/pruning and rebirth in order to create the desired result. Our female bodies are no different, as we shed the lining of our uterus on a monthly basis to be born  anew each month. It has been foretold for thousands of years by both the Mayan calendar and the Vedas that 2012 was the beginning of a GOLDEN AGE bringing into balance the Masculine and the Feminine…a rebirth if you like… however as we well know the old must begin to be dismantled for the upleveling to occur…within this breakdown are many wounds and shadows.

Art by Flora Aube Fine Art (prayer for peace)

While these wounds and shadows are often painful and they have often stifled our life-force…they in fact carry profound wisdom and healing potential as wounds are portals, not only for greater understanding of ourselves but also for healing on a collective level. When we have the courage to feel into our wounds, to face what we most fear, we set ourselves free…sending ripples through the universe, healing and transforming generations before and after us.

‘The wound is the place the light enters you’… Rumi

When it comes to healing it is very tempting to use the slash and burn method, which the patriarchial system loves and often recommends…where the the old, broken and worn are rejected…leading us to seek out the newer, shinier and upgraged model… whether that’s people or a phone!…Forgetting that quite often the old, hidden and broken contain the WISDOM and the GOLD as Maya Luna explains:
“If you think shadow work is about self impovement, by way of making the negative and unsavoury parts of yourself better or getting rid of them and replacing them with better, more acceptable habits or patterns…then you do not actually understand what shadow work is.” Dont fall into this trap! Also remember that shadow does not simply mean the violent or ugly aspects of yon…SHADOW IS WHATEVER PART OF YOU, YOU HAVE DISOWNED. Your innocence could be in your shadow…your love of life could be in your shadow. Shadow is whatever you have disowned by choosing instead to identify with its polarity. The continual judgement and desire to get rid of shadow is in fact the essence of what creates shadow. Point being: much of what I hear of these days as shadow work is actually just the definition of what shadow is.” We have forgotten that our magnificent bodies truly are temples that convey messages to us all the time…But instead our wounds cry out…If only I were 10 kgs lighter I would…If I were prettier I could….If only I had a thigh gap everything would….Sound familiar…its up to us to recognise this SHIZZ for what it is (patriarchies way of stifling us and keeping us stuck and small)….and stop giving it our valuable energy.

Art by Annelie Solis “Young Woman”

Breathe it through, let it die a ritualistic death and prepare to be reborn.

I am a Divine Feminine Oracle/Channel and educator….I would love you to share this with others who would benefit.

Art Prayer for Peace by Flora Aube Fine Art & Young Woman by Annelie Solis for The Divine Feminine & the necessity of rebirth.

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