The Divine Feminine & The Power of Surrender

Stepping into our destiny as a Divine Feminine fledgling and taking flight takes courage. There is no other way to do it…that or stay stagnant…quite often it is the discomfort that causes us to take flight. All life is born to expand…when something is no longer in alignment it creates contraction…the body knows when something is off. Alignment feels good in the body and misalignment feels ‘icky’…in my experience when something is aligned it creates expansion.

The divine love of the universe has a destiny…that destiny is to be with you and expand  through you…however your limitless potential is dependent on your willingness to align, SURRENDER and commit to the universal frequency while having the humility to receive it. If you have grown up with the ego it is far easier to play small and obey its guidance and just exist. 

Art by Ingrid Tussel

Patriarchy like the ego has a plan of fear that ensures women play small and be submissive…the opposite of surrender…they had become unknowingly manipulated  and exploited over time. This submission has led to a myriad of stresses and overwhelm…the need to constantly improve yourself…please others before self…be consumed with body image and comparison… par-take in rigid diet and exercise routines and  believe what others think of them… and the list goes on and on. This constant energy drain never sees women adored, respected or valued in the way that they so deeply desire.
A state of surrender on the other hand is so deeply different…the frequency of truth, embodied in your energy lifts you from submission…when you can feel your divinity (love) you understand your truth…you own it…you own your feminine sexual energy and your femme beauty and your unleashed power as a women and now no one can take this away and dishonour you!

In your complete understanding of your sacred self you elevate and activate the planet and you remind people of balance…equilibrium, harmony and love. When in a state of surrender women can create financial abundance and be on purpose in their lives…experience pleasure…let go of the past…feel at peace with their body, enjoy food and set boundaries. But most of all women can be SEEN deeply for their value and gifts and feel empowered enough to call out toxic behaviour.

A women in surrender is the future of the feminine…this is fifth dimension and quantum reality. This is now a world where we see through the intentional manipulation of the feminine consiousness and where feminine energy and power can now be harnessed as a valuable resource. The power greater than ourselves is always available to us we just need to learn how to use it and tap into it…where are you stuck? A channeling with the Divine Feminine is so valuable in assisting you to become unstuck….when life is stagnant and you don’t know which way to move. BOOK HERE if you are ready to let go, to become unstuck, and need to find balance and flow… Also tune into my live with the Divine Feminine Ascension group tomorrow 1st August where I will teach you how to surrender and talk quickly about the new moon in Leo.

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