The Divine Masculine

The Divine who?…

Yes… it’s not  a typo…this conversation is  often avoided… and lets face it… there are not too many postive role models for the Divine Masculine on the world stage.. Up until this point in history, we have mostly been presented with the SHADOW side of the Divine Masculine…the destructive masculine energy…the one that has par-taken in many atrocities against females, humanity and the earth…so its little wonder the masculine is being ignored.

While we hear much about the awakening and rise of the Divine Feminine, we must not forget that the Divine Masculine is alive within all of us as well. Given that females are 49% energetically male…we must not ignore our internal male twin forever, especially now, if we are going  to ascend  into the 5th Dimension (more on that later).  To avoid more division within this world , we need to learn how to awaken both types of energy within ourselves in a healthy way.

By connecting with and bringing more warrior energy into our lives, we are connecting with our Divine Masculine which is located at your solar plexus chakra under your heart. Your inner warrior protects and supports you and takes no BS…he will defend your rights peacefully and assertively, and he values truth, courage and inner strength. You are now reconnecting to your wholeness deep within yourself. The Divine Masculine is all about being assertive, defining your needs and creating boundaries, setting goals and feeding your inner fire, being confident and standing tall. Within us is an energetic team of masculine and feminine energy…there cannot be an architect (Divine Feminine) without the builder (Divine Masculine)…no designer without the craftsmen.

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We are in the midst of such a powerful time in consciousness where we are being asked to bring all aspects of  our lives into alignment with the 5th dimension, which basically means living from our heart from a place of love, peace and prosperity and living in co creation with non phyical energy and being in communion with our intuition. The 3rd dimension paradigm of fear, scarcity, survival, and ego…basically the patriarchial system that is very dense and rigid will begin to erode as we are now beginning to see.

So sisters… by embracing our Divine Masculine, we are becoming whole and balanced…we can begin to have wholesome, nurturing relationships with others who have evolved energetically and are embracing this amazing paradigm shift that we are so blessed to be at the leading edge of co-creating.

  • Wow, this is so beautiful! I am just recently recognizing the dm within me and these divine qualities that he carries. I’ve never felt more supported, understood and cared for. Thank you for putting this out there. Now I can more easily recognize and appreciate all that he is, why and what for. It’s truly a union/communion from within. I LOVE him and I LOVE you! And I LOVE me! Xxxooo

  • Hi Shae, Yes to all of this! Awareness & recognition is the beginning to a wonderful journey together ahead. Thanks for your comments xx

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