The subtle art of Divine Feminine Leadership

Divine Feminine Goddess, Divine Feminine Rising

Your leadership as a female  is so important right now. The mindset that created our world… is not going to fix it…the challenges that the world is now faced with will require quick outcomes…fast, effortless flow and synchronisity. New initiatives will not come from the top down through  the old paradigms of  leadership… we are already seeing that…but will come from the bottom up through green entrepeneurs, philanthropists and other thought leaders supporting equality and socially responsible causes.

Women with their inner wisdom and knowledge will be required to step up…this is why the 21st century has been tagged the feminine century because our skills are, and will be imperative to counter the imbalance that has been created by the overuse and abuse of masculine energy….if you use both masculine and feminine energy… you get FLOW. When we work with the masculine (yang) in isolation as we have done for the last few thousand years we know that the outcome is not human or earth friendly….working from a purely feminine (yin) model would also be counter productive. (Too much dreaming and not enough action). Put them together however and you have TURBO CHARGED  action…this allows us to switch gracefully and powerfully between the two… thus creating more FLOW and less STRESS…using only one gear creates BURNOUT.

What gear are you using? How do we create more flow and less stress? By recognizing that we are all leaders and taking our place at the table…we are all important…we can no longer hide  and say..’I dont matter’ or ‘ I am not enough’ and ‘what I have to say doesn’t matter.’…these are all yesterdays beliefs. If we want to take the human family to the next level we need to take the elevator up and enhance what it means to be a higher vibration version of ourselves.

You rising, and becoming more visible, radiating and shining your light is infectious to others…it inspires others to learn from you…your impact on others has an effect on our  collective consiousness.
Being a leader doesnt necessarily mean being the CEO of Google….but it might.? Being a leader means being  the CEO of your own life…. valuing yourself,  your abilities,  being responsible for your energy, your choices and your actions. Involving yourself in collaborative projects, recognising your purchasing power through investing ethically.  No matter how quiet and local or loud and global you are…the collective impacts will be felt.. shaping  the future of our world..
But what does new leadership look like and who are our role models for feminine leadership… well look no further than Jacinda Ardern….the NZ Prime Minister….who in response to an unimaginable horror in the form of a terrorist attack…deliberately chose language of empathy…not hatred….and instead chose the message of togetherness, community and inclusion as opposed to the politics of division. 

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